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Making Baby Food: A Guide for the Busy Mother

Ever dream of preparing home made meals for your little one?

Making baby food doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. Would you love your child to eat home made baby food but feel you don't have the time or skills (or both?!) Then stick around...

You want your baby to eat healthy and develop good eating habits, but cooking baby food from scratch can seem impossibly difficult.

How do you go about introducing solids to your baby? What can you do to help keep your baby from becoming a picky eater? And how do you find the time to cook for your little one?

This site has been specifically designed to help answer those types of questions.

Here, you will learn just how easy it can be to prepare delicious, healthy, home made baby food, even for working or busy mothers. I have personally tested and adjusted all of the baby food recipes included in this site, saving you the hard work!

Making baby food doesn't have to be difficult...

I went back to work full-time when my baby was six months old, just as he was being weaned onto solid foods. Ever since then, I have been making baby food for him, and he loves it!

As a working mother, you know the guilt that comes with the territory, the feeling that you're never spending enough time with your child. But the one thing you can control - probably the best thing for him - is what he eats.

So I came up with a system that worked within my time constraints, while at the same time, ensured my baby was eating a varied and healthy diet. He now eats everything and loves trying new foods.

You may think that your cooking isn't "good enough" for your baby and be afraid he won't eat it. Luckily, he has nothing else to compare it to (!) - so he doesn't know any better - and which baby doesn't love food that's mummy-made?!

Now I want to share with you what I have learned and hope that I can make the life of at least one other busy mother slightly easier! 

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